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Colombia’s La Leonera DH was the third and final race in IDF’s South American leg of the World Tour. Luis Mogrovejo was on hand to lock up the South American series, while Ryan Farmer was seeing if he could sweep the series.

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APAC Championship, Brazil’s World Cup event on the IDF circuit is a fast course with a tight chicane in the middle and a very steep, greater than 90 degree corner towards the finish. The course isn’t very technical on paper, but its speed makes it a challenging run.

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The South American leg of the IDF World Series Tour kicked off high, May 28, in the Peruvian Andes, with Yaku Raymi. With the start line around 14,500 feet, it is the highest race in the world. The course was very technical, with 9 hairpins and some fairly steep sections.

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