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The South American leg of the IDF World Series Tour kicked off high, May 28, in the Peruvian Andes, with Yaku Raymi. With the start line around 14,500 feet, it is the highest race in the world. The course was very technical, with 9 hairpins and some fairly steep sections.

Racing at this WQS started with race to qualify on Saturday. Where the weather was not very cooperative and conditions were from patch to fully soaked. Luis Mogrovejo showed some serious rain riding skills to beat Ryan Farmer during their qualifying heat, this left the two tied for the qualifying portion. Sunday started off dry, but turned very wet for the skateboard racing in the afternoon. But the luge raced in the morning. A field of eight lugers raced, with about half racing classic and skateboards. With the dry course, Ryan dominated and took his first IDF win. Luis took 2nd followed by Jorge Lozano.
Next up on the South American Tour is the second World Cup, the APAC Championship in Brazil, June . Britain’s Will Stephenson, and American’s Ryan Farmer will be trying to notch up a win. A win for either one will set them up very well heading into the important European leg. But of course Brazilian Alexandre Machado will try to throw a wrench into their plans by defending his home court.


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    Best of luck Ryan Farmer! We are cheering for you!

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