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South Korea hosted their first every downhill race April 28-30, Airrang Hell Fest. The organizers pulled out all the stops, to show that they were capable of hosting an international event downhill race. The course was a fantastically twisty and steep course, albeit with nontraditional surface that was very slippery. A closing ceremony with Korean Drums, an organization backed by the Korean Olympic Committee, and a live stream of their jumbotron.

Britain’s best luger William Stephenson, faced off against current world champion, Abdil Mahdzan. This was Stephenson’s first international race after taking some time off. He fared well in qualifying, but was still more than 2 seconds behind Mahdzan’s course record. Mahdzan got the hole shot, and had the inside lane in the first turn. Stephenson tried several times to dive on the inside, by Mahdzan shut the door on him every single time. Coming into the last hard turn before the straighter sections, Stephenson tried one last time, but managed instead to slide out just enough that he was unable to draft Mahdzan through the bottom section. Mahdzan took first by a margin much larger than he had in the twisty section. Organizer Michael O’Keeffe held off Australian’s Zen Rasta for third place.
The race also concluded IDF’s Asian series. Abdil Mahdzan is currently undefeated in the IDF season. Thus earning his second IDF Asian Street Luge title. Will Abdil remain undefeated as he next heads to the heavily contested European Series?
Next up on the calendar will be IDF’s South American series. Stephenson will be joined by America’s Ryan Farmer as they will challenge Brazil’s best lugers at the Apac Champhionship, one of the few World Cups on the circuit. Alexandre Machado is expected to win the Brazilian Series if he is able to attend enough races, and he will give the internationals tough competition at the Brazilian World Cup.


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