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The first independent race of the season was run on Mt Jefferson by North Carolina Downhill. NCDH has been putting on a nice little race on Mt Jefferson for a few years. For the first time in 2017 they invited the street lugers to join them.

The friday was officially a freeride day, and the weather was great, the track was dry and fast. Saturday was the practice and qualifying, along with rain and a wet road. The classic race was held on a track in patchy conditions.
And then came the heavy rains, fog, and cooler temperatures for race day. The track was soaked and the riders were throwing up blinding rooster tails. With almost no traction, one false move could easily spin someone out. In the finals Tim Koch got out into an early lead. He was slow and steady around the first turn, allowing the riders to catch up to him. In the next straight, with Koch still out in front Chris Hicks caught up and attempted to pass. Somehow Koch ended up spinning out, and off his board, allowing his board to karoom into Kolby Parks, sending Parks off the road. At this point Frank Williams was in the rear, and missed the carnage. Williams took up the rest of the track to track Hicks down, taking each corner just slightly faster the Hicks. Williams caught up and passed Hicks just before the finish line to take first. Kolby was still on his board when he crashed, so he was able to get going before Koch and finished third.
The race would have been drastically different in the dry, and with Koch's monstrous push he will give the WCs something to think about later this summer.
Next up on the schedule is the next race in IDF's series in South Korea. This event will see Britain's Will Stephenson's enter the fray for his run at the championship. While it will be a small field for luge the South Koreans are rolling out the red carpet.

Mt Jefferson Results


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