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Newton’s is a beast, and claimed its share of victims today. Sprained ankles, broken legs, and broken calvicle. Newton’s was the first stop on the International Downhill Federation’s point series. Taking place on the world famous Mount Panorama race track. While the course is short, it has two very technical and challenging turns. Throw in a cement wall to keep the race cars out of the spectators, and it is a dangerous mix.

Wile veteran and 2016 series champion Abdil Mahdzan, and newcomer Ryan Farmer were the only two to set sub minute times. Both of them blew through the eight year old course record. Abdil took the pole position with a blistering 58.46 almost a second and a half faster than the old record.
Old timer Adam Yates, Australian native won the masters standup class. He jetted back up the hill and jumped on his luge to then place first in the consolation!
Abdil and Ryan cruised through the early stages. The surprise was Daniel Newton, the number three qualifier failed to advance past the quarters. Both Abdil and Ryan got off the line to an early lead, with Graham following up in third. Ryan tried to dive in early on Abdil at Forest Elbow, and apexed too early, spun out and slammed into the hay. Abdil went on to an easy victory with Graham trailing not far behind. With Ryan in the hay bales Brendan Burke rode is way onto the podium! Ryan may not have quite tamed the beast, but he did walk away uninjured.
With the first World Cup event of the IDF season out of the way, the first showdown between Abdil and Ryan has Abdil coming out victorious. Ryan will need to win in China before hitting the tough European leg of the circuit, if he wants to unseat Abdil.
There is a pause in the schedule, as we wait for the Asian portion of the tour to start. With the WC win, Abdil also position him as the front runner in the Asian series.


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