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The 2017 Street Luge World Tour is about to get under way. The Tour will travel through five continents, and 13 countries. The first race, Newton’s, in Bathurst, Australia, on Feb 18 is a World Cup and will be raced on the famous race car track Mount Panorama. The tour then travels through Asia, with an exciting new race in South Korea and a new course in China. The South American portion will quickly follow, with a new race as a World Cup. A departure from schedules in the past where the South American portion finished up the tour. Next up is Europe, starting with another new race. The tour will finish in America in September. The final stop of the points tour will be the fastest race in the world. The following week, an independent, non point event will hold time trials, attempting to set the speed World Record.

Abdil Mahdzan is looking to repeat as World Champion. Abdil has finish no worse than second in the last four years. He continues to train the entire off season. He will once again be the one to beat.
Kolby Parks, the 2016 runner up, has been training hard in the off season and will be making another run at the World Championship. Other commitments keep him from attending Newton’s, so he will have to make the best of the shortened schedule.
Chris McBride, last year’s third place finisher will be taking a step back from racing this year as he concentrates on organizing his first race, Maryhill Windwalk.
Ryan Farmer, protégé of the legendary Rogers Bros, is taking his first international trip to Newton’s and will also be competing hard for the World Championship. Ryan should give Abdil and Kolby a run for their money. Expect to see him on a many podiums this season.
Tim Koch, third place finisher in the North American series has also been training hard in the off season and rebuilding his equipment. He will attempt to make a run for the series championship. But like Kolby he will be attending few races, he will have to make the most of the few attempts he has.
With two World Cups, the European leg of the tour will be the most contest, and probably most important. Expect the 2016 European Series winner Riccardo Aldinucci to make a strong showing on his home continent. Riccardo can easily play a spoiler.
Mikel Echegaray Diez has recently taken a step back from racing, to focus on other pursuits. But expect him to visit the 2017 Street Luge World Championships at Kozakov Challenge, where he is almost unbeatable.
The winner of Newton's, the first race, and first World Cup of the season, will set the tone for the entire season. Graham Brittain and Lance Evans will surely put up a strong fight to protect their home turf. A long time veteran of Newton’s, Abdil is looking for his first win there. Abdil has raced all five prior Newton’s, with his experience, he will be the one to beat at Newton’s.
The season is shorter this year, only six World Cups, and the best three counting towards the points, every event is important. Three of the World Cups will be one brand new courses. At least four of the World Cups will be hotly contested between the series leaders as well as with some talented locals. The competition will be fierce, with little room for error. With three World Cups and two Qualifiers required for the point series, we may see a series leader who doesn’t have three World Cup wins. Who will take home the prize?


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